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Architectural Area

Understand the basics needed to sustain a successful project:

· Preliminary studies
· Technical and economic feasibility. Business Plan
· Design of architectural
· Furniture design
· Interior design and decoration
· Renders and photomontage
· Building systems analysis
· Cost Study

Project Area

Involves the elements that ensure the functionality of the building, such as:

· Topography
· Soil Mechanics
· Engineering
· Special Facilities
· Catalogue specifications and volume

Building Area

Is responsible for executing the work. Coordinate with specialists and technicians involved in the work.

· Renovation, expansion and rehabilitation
· Administrative management of the construction
· Implementation, programming and control of the work
· Completion of the work
· Keys delivery

Management Area

Responsible for the coordination, management and administration of the work from start to finish.

· Planning
· Organization
· Monitoring